Enduro Classes - Seniors


To be a senior you must be 16 as of the 1st of January or a junior rider may move up to race with the seniors during the year once they have had their 16th birthday. All senior grades are open bike class unless denied by Clerk of Course.


A Grade

B Grade

C Grade - Good beginner class only having to race for 2 hours in a 3 hours enduro

Veterans - 35 years or older only racing for 2 hours in 3 hour enduros

Duals - Team up with a buddy and alternate one lap at a time with them (Enduro X events, both riders will ride each lap)

Veteran Duals - Must be 35 years or older team up with a mate and tag team each lap

Masters - Must be 45 years or older and only race for 2 hours in a 3 hour enduro