Flag and Race Marshalls


All riders must supply a flaggy or pay a $30 no flaggy fee, payable upon race registration through ridernet.

The Flaggy board will be drawn up the day prior to the race and posted online - if you are listed for flaggy duty it is YOUR RESPONSIBILTY to ensure you have someone to flag, racing WILL NOT go ahead until this is done or you will be excluded from riding.

Each riders flag marshall will be put on one round throughout the day. A benefit of being a flaggy is that they will have a front row view of all the action. The track will be broken down into predetermined sections with each flag marshall being responsible for their designated section.  The flag marshall will be required to stand at a station/flag and monitor the track between their position and the next.  Flag 1 looks towards flag 2, flag 2 looks towards flag 3 and so forth.  This means that the flag marshall is watching the bikes ride away from their station not towards their station. 

The flag marshall's primary role is to wave different coloured flags to communicate with riders and the pit area to ensure a safe and orderly race.  The flag should be waved so that it can be seen clearly by riders and the pit area.  It is essential that flag marshalls remain at their station/flag and do not go onto the track to assist riders and endanger themselves.  Flag marshalls must always remain in communication on the club provided UHF, they are expected to report back to officials or emergency personnel about any situation that they have observed including whether riders have disobeyed the flags and should always be listening for any communication being directed to them by an official. If you are waving the yellow or white flag and you observe a rider overtake another rider, please take notice of any distinguishing features such as bike number, type of bike or colour of clothing so that you can let the clerk/steward know as soon as possible.

Please make sure your flag is being waved so it can be seen clearly by riders and the pit area. You do not need to wave a flag if a rider is not in your flag section.

Other race official roles include being the race starter, displaying starter and last lap boards and waving the finishing flag.

A flaggy briefing is held at every event at the conclusion of the riders briefing and it is mandatory that every flaggy attends this safety briefing.

All flaggies must be 16 years of age or older.

If you are unsure of your responsibilities please do not hesitate to ask a senior club member.