Grass Track Classes - Seniors


There are two categories of senior classes - one based on experience/age/gender and the other based on bike capacity.  Riders can choose to enter into one or both of these categories. All bikes must have 21” front wheel unless passed by the steward or clerk.  To be a senior you must be 16 as of the 1st of January.

Classes based on rider experience/age/gender

A Grade - expert

B Grade - intermediate

C Grade - beginner

Veterans - 35+ all powers


A rider can only choose to enter either A, B or C.  Please note if you have raced in a higher class you cannot go down.

Classes based on bike capacity not rider ability

Pro Lites - up to 200cc 2 stroke / max 250cc 4 stroke all bikes must have 21" front wheel

Pro OpenMin 220cc 2 stroke / min 275cc 4 stroke all bikes must have 21" front wheel

Classics (bike age 20yrs+)