What the Flags and Race Boards Mean


Yellow Flag - If a rider falls/stops on the track, the flag marshal must WAVE THE YELLOW FLAG until the rider has ridden off or has moved off the track along with their bike. It is not your responsibility to assist the rider. Do not put yourself in danger by walking onto the race track. Riders MUST slow down and not overtake another rider when this flag is being displayed.

Ambulance Flag - If a rider falls from their bike, cannot get up and cannot get their bike off the track, they may require medical assistance. WAVE WHITE FLAG WITH RED CROSS. Report the situation to officials via the UHF.  Please DO NOT go onto the track and put yourself in danger of being hit by another motorcycle. Stay in position and wave flag until assistance comes. Remember a rider may take a moment to catch their breath after a fall. If a rider can walk from the track they do not need medical assistance on track but they should make their way directly to the medical van. When this flag is being displayed all other riders MUST slow down, look out and return to the pits to await instruction from officials.

Red Flag - The race is called off and all riders return to the pits.

Black Flag - There is a problem with your bike and you must return to the pits.

Purple Flag - Junior protest flag. The rider must go straight to the flag without talking to anyone, raise it and the clerk will attend. The cost to protest will be $100.

Green Flag - Indicates the start of a race.

30 Second Starter Board - Indicates the course is clear and provides a 30 second warning that the race is about to start. This is a signal that everyone other than the riders must leave the start line. When displaying the 5 second board the official should ensure that they have moved away from the starting straight. The starter will then drop the green flag between 2 and 5 seconds later.

Last Lap Board - The finishing flag marshall is required to hold up the last lap board so riders can clearly see it is the last lap. You will be advised by the scorers how many laps the riders have done and when to display the last lap board and wave finish flag.

Chequered Flag - The scorers will let you know when to display the finishing flag. The flag is waved until the last rider finishes.